The Maui Conscious Dance Collective was formed in March 2014 by a group of dancers and facilitators who felt inspired to start organizing conscious dance gatherings in a non-commercial way.  MCDC’s mission is to create an uplifting and safe dance space in which our community can express itself freely and authentically.  This full expression can lead to deepening experiences of collective unity and individual wholeness.  In the spring of 2015 MCDC applied for official 501(c)(3) non-profit status, which it was granted in November 2015. 

The collective hires a team of rotating dance facilitators from across the spectrum of conscious dance forms, such as 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, BeachDance, NIA, and others.  MCDC also pays a weekly set-up team to create a beautiful atmosphere to dance in.  MCDC’s steering group serves on a volunteer basis and meets monthly in Haiku. The group currently consists of Devi Wood, Finn Wayman, Scottie Heller and Joelle Lambiotte du Lac. 

All of MCDC’s revenue after ongoing costs is used to improve our community's dance experience. In 2014, additional funds were used to purchase a new sound equipment system which was then donated to the Makawao Union Church, which is the location of our events. The collective’s next charitable goal is an upgrade of the Church’s more than 100-year-old hardwood floor. MCDC will be hosting a collective fundraising event in 2016.  If you feel called to offer a tax-deductible donation towards a splinter-free floor, please let us know!


We are a collective of individuals dedicated to supporting and celebrating the authentic expression and evolution of our conscious dance community on Maui.